ProEZNC 3.0

A reliable, no-frills, low cost, simple and easy to use RS232 dnc software
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ProEZNC is a reliable, no-frills, low cost, simple and easy to use RS232 dnc software program that has been specifically designed for communicating with a whole variety of different CNC machine tools. Its main features are its extreme ease of use for shop-floor personnel, with its large fonts and simple two button operation.
-send and receive files between your CNC and your computer
-one button for sending and one button for receiving, couldn't be easier
-debug window - so you can see the data transfer when setting up
-CNC save-all allows you to dump multiple files at once, will get saved individually automatically
-protocol analyzer - detects your CNC settings
-high speed serial drivers support Com1-128
-baud rates 150 to 460800
-no need for extra computer hardware, uses standard ports, USB & multi-ports
-view NC files prior to send/receive
-user-definable send and receive folders, user definable file extensions
-barcode scanner interface - no more keyboard typing
-full keyboard support for harsh conditions where mouse inpractical
-send block by block or user definable data burst (up to 16K bursts)
-com port keepalive
-can run multiple copies of the program to achieve simultaneous DNC to CNC
-can make last minute edits to code by using notepad editor
-command line operation for integration to your systems
-password protect CNC settings so operators cannot mess with them
-Backup, restore, archive and transfer ProEZNC system settings easily
-all DNC system settings stored in an ini text file for easy backing up
-Large font interface for easy CNC operator use

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